iShell ver.4.5 R4

Posted By: _anonymizer_
tribalmedia engineers have been working hard on the all-new iShell 4.5, the fastest, cleanest, most versatile version of iShell to date. In addition to Universal Binary, iShell 4.5 brings numerous new features to the table:

* Rewritten program core: lightning-fast iShell experience for everyone, not just Mactel users.
* System Gizmos: themed radio buttons, checkboxes, tabs, dialog buttons, drop-down menus, etc., created on the fly to eliminate busywork.
* Dynamic Font Loading: allows developer to include any TrueType font in a project. Featuring a collection of fonts by Larabie Fonts.
* Magic Commands: quickly write math and string equations in the iShell GUI editor.
* And more.

What is iShell?

The successor to the Apple Media Tool, tribalmedia's iShell is a software tool for Windows and Mac OS X which allows developers to rapidly create secure, interactive, multiplatform CD and DVD-ROMs. The product can also be used to create other types of multimedia appliactions such as kiosks, digital signage, and standalone Internet applications.

iShell is the multimedia tool of choice for many developers all over the world. For more information, see our FAQ or download a trial copy. For the lowdown on iShell's basic metaphors and philosophy, check out the iShell Crash Course.