ISO Commander ver.1.6.042

Posted By: mpe38
ISO Commander ver.1.6.042

ISO Commander ver. 1.6.042 | 1.6 Mb | Windows OS

ISO Commander is CD/DVD images management utility. Among utility main features are CD/DVD bootable images creation and changing, direct images editing, convention from BIN/ISO/DAO/ TAO/NRG images into standard ISO file and much more.

*Edit image files and folders using drag'n'drop.
*Create image from files on your hard disc drive.
*Add to the new or existing image boot image and also change or delete it.
*Add, delete, rename and extract files and folders from the image.
*Convert different images formats into standard ISO format.
*Open CD/DVD disc as image, edit it and save result in the ISO image.
*Create CD/DVD image by one mouse click.

Additional ISO Commander features are:
*Microsoft Windows XP standard interface that simplified your first program usage and also has *many
possibilities for expert work.
*SuperLong file and folders names (up to 110 symbols).
*Customizable toolbar.
*Customizable reaction to the user actions.
*Automatically image identification;
*Files adding from the Microsoft Explorer and other file shells using drag'n'drop.
*Bootable diskette copying into image compatible with WinImage format.
*Files and folders find in the image using its names and ?,* symbols.
*Detailed editable information about image.
*Absolutely safe edited image saving.