IView MediaPro v3.0.2

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IView MediaPro v3.0.2

IView MediaPro v3.0.2
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MediaPro is a digital asset management and cataloging solution for photographers and other
creative professionals. It enables you to create a customized, centralized and searchable
repository through which you can manage a wide variety and high volume of digital files.
MediaPro supports more than 100 different file formats including images, audio, video, fonts,
illustrations, DTP, HTML and digital camera RAW files (including DNG, Nikon, Canon and Kodak).

MediaPro stores information about your media files in catalogs.
A catalog is a searchable and organizable visual database that contains:

* Information about each file relevant to the media type (attributes).
* Tags (also called annotations or metadata) that help you organize and classify media.
* A thumbnail of each media file.
* A full screen preview of each media file (if this option is turned on).
* The location (path) of the original file on a hard drive, CD-ROM, or other kind of volume.

You can create as many catalogs as you want, it just depends on how you want to organize your media.
For example, you can have a catalog for each media type: photos, videos and music. Or you could create
one catalog of all media. Each catalog can contain up to 128,000 files.

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