JAM SmartPOP2Exchange Retail

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JAM SmartPOP2Exchange Retail

JAM SmartPOP2Exchange Retail

JAM SmartPOP2Exchange Retail | Win32 |Size: 7.77MB

SmartPOP2Exchange helps you to connect your existing POP3 and IMAP accounts to an SMTP or Exchange mail server. SmartPOP2Exchange works in the background and downloads all messages from various POP3 accounts and forwards them to your SMTP/Exchange server. It also supports downloading of RSS Feeds and deliveres them as mails to specified account. An easy to use configuration tool allows you to adjust common options like download interval, timeout, log file etc. and to add, delete or configure your SMTP/Exchange and POP3 accounts. A configurable spam filter allows to tag or to delete mails, that have been identified as spam. The popular SpamAssassin software is used to identify the spam mails. SmartPOP2Exchange also supports a flexible and powerful set of rules which allows you to define additional actions for certain messages. Several virus scanners are integrated if installed in order to identify mails that are infected by a virus or Trojan.

* POP3 and IMAP connector for MS Exchange and any other SMTP server
* RSS Feeds can be downloaded by SmartPOP2Exchange and delivered as mails
* Runs as system service in the background
* Easy to use configuration application
* Spam filter SpamAssassin included and ready to use, with Bayesian filter and the option to learn spam and ham mails automatically or manually
* Integrated blacklist and whitelist (for email addresses and words)
* Support for catchall accounts that contain emails for multiple addresses. These emails are automatically divided and forwarded to the appropriate persons.
* Most installed virus scanners are integrated to identify infected mails
* A powerful set of rules allows additional actions to be performed for certain mails
* A backup feature, that can save every incoming email to a specified folder on the hard disk
* A scheduler allows to define on which days and hours mails should be forwarded
* A log file logs all events, the log level is adjustable
* Support for SSL encrypted connections to POP3 and IMAP servers
* A standalone Remote Control application for remote administration of the service in the local intranet is available here.
* Help file and PDF manual with a Quickstart chapter are included


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