SoundTrek Jammer Professional v6.0.3.1 Full

Posted By: BigBrother
SoundTrek Jammer Professional v6.0.3.1 Full

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Accompaniment Software with Real Feeling
How true! Some accompaniment software can make you feel like you're listening to a kiddy keyboard or an organ demo in a shopping mall, but its not all that way. Music created by software doesn't have to sound canned, mechanical, or repetitive. In fact, JAMMER creates accompaniment tracks that sound alive and full of feeling with plenty of variation and finesse. JAMMER was developed by professional musicians with years of experience in the studio and on the stage, and was designed to improvise, harmonize, and perform just like real musicians. The truth is, JAMMER actually thinks and plays like a musician!

Using Accompaniment Software as a Music Learning Tool
Creating accompaniment tracks in JAMMER can be a real musical learning experience. JAMMER uses music theory to improvise and write professional accompaniment parts giving you control over hundreds of musical parameters such as scale choices, timing choices, chord choices, harmony choices, musical modes and much more. Blending values together is not only a great way to create new and original parts, its a great way to learn how the aspects of music theory interact with one another.

Using Accompaniment Software as a Practice Tool
Creating accompaniment tracks to practice along with is fast and easy in JAMMER. Chord progressions for practicing over can be easliy entered onto the lead sheet using a MIDI keyboard, the computer keyboard or your mouse.

JAMMER supports over 60 different types of chords including a full range of major, minor, dominant and altered chords. Once you have set up a practice session, JAMMER makes it easy to adjust the tempo and transpose the piece for practicing in various keys at various tempos.

Saving Your Accompaniment Tracks to MIDI Files
After creating accompaniment tracks in JAMMER, you can mix them using JAMMER's 256 track software graphic mixer and save them as Standard MIDI Files. The resulting MIDI files can then be loaded into other music software or hardware to do further work on your songs. Your saved MIDI files can also be used for practice sessions, live gigs, background music on web pages, and much more. You can even email MIDI files to your friends for collaboration on songs.