1st JavaScript Editor Pro v3.48

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1st JavaScript Editor Pro v3.48

1st JavaScript Editor Pro is advanced JavaScript Editor, Validator and Debugger for beginners and professionals!| File Size : Both ~7MB

Beside rich possibilities of editing scripts (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, VBScript, PHP and ASP(Net) syntax highlighting, etc) and the built-in preview, the program offers large snippets library with full collection of HTML tags, HTML attributes, HTML events, JavaScript events and JavaScript functions, attributes, statements and operators (such as window, document, frame, history, location, navigator, date, math, string, etc - at whole over 1200), allowing you to insert them into web page by click.
1st JavaScript Editor is used for professionally editing JavaScript code and creating animations and other special effects for Web pages using DOM, DHTML, CSS, Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and JavaScript
Download Link : Click Here! Size 6.2MB

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