JBlitz Pro ver. 5.0.743 MultiOS

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JBlitz Pro v5.0.743 MultiOS

JBlitz Pro ver. 5.0.743 MultiOS

JBlitz Pro v5.0.743 MultiOS | MultiOS Win, Mac, Linux | 2.84MB

JBlitz Pro performs load, performance and functional testing of dynamic websites, web services and web applications. JBlitz Pro can package up arbitrary test data (e.g. SOAP requests or standard web resource requests) for transmission. JBlitz Pro utilizes powerful dynamic substitutions to vary each request sent to the server. Supports ASP and JSP technologies to maintain server side state between sequences of requests. Effectively simulates visits by thousands of simultaneous users whilst providing a simple, quick and easy to use interface to enable you to test and debug your server code. Web testing to the max!

Fact sheet:

* Extensible HTTP query engine
* Powerful dynamic substitutions
* Integrated HTTP debugger
* Customization API
* Extensible error-detection
* s, 100s or 1000s of virtual users*
* State maintenance (cookies etc)
* Clear, concise graphs
* Statistical analysis
* Full transaction logging
* Fine grained virtual user control
* Customizable HTTP headers
* JavaTM powered, cross platform
* Non-gui console mode
* Continuous run mode


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