Jeyo Mobile Companion 2.0

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Jeyo Mobile Companion 2.0

Jeyo Mobile Companion 2.0 | 2,38 MB

Jeyo Mobile Companion 2.0 is an extensive update to the popular Windows Mobile device manager. Version 2.0 builds on the powerful capabilities of the original: operation of your Window Mobile device from a Windows PC through a familiar ease-to-use Outlook-style user interface, SMS-ing directly from your PC through your phone including chat mode, and powerful features to manage all the important personal data on your Smartphone or Pocket PC phone such as the ability to backup and restore of all your vital data. With Jeyo Mobile Companion 2.0 a host of new features have been added including support for user-created subfolders, more device personalization capabilities, support for Vista/Outlook '07 and Windows Mobile 6 devices as well as the ability to export data to the flexible XML format.


* Extend mobile communication to your PC through your Smartphone or Pocket PC phone.
* Exchange SMS messages and organize contacts with ease.
* Backup your personal data from your Smartphone or Pocket PC phone.
* Personalize your phone's home screen and audio notifications from a slick PC interface .