Knitable Desk v3.2

Posted By: Peaches&Kream
Knitable Desk v3.2

Knitable Desk v3.2
KnitAble is designed for you to keep track of your personal knitting inventory. Thus, it does not have any built in data other than common abbreviations and terms. Enter your information and take it with you on shopping trips so you never have to try and remember what you already have again.

When you first start KnitAble, you will see the "Home" page. All of your databases are on the "Inventory" tab and all of the calculators and application information can be found on the "Calcs/Info" tab. Simply tap the tab's title to switch back and forth between the two. Tapping an icon or title will take you to that section's main page. To return from one of these main pages, click the "Home" icon, found in the bottom left corner of the display. These features can all be found in KnitAble:

* Projects Database
* Measurements Database
* Needles Database
* Abbreviations and Terms Database
* Hooks Database
* Patterns Database
* Books and Magazines Database
* Yarn Database
* Needle Conversion Chart
* Yardage Estimate Calculator
* Buttonhole Spacing Calculator
* Increase/Decrease Calculator
* Metric/English Conversion Calculator

Download Knitable Desk: (S# is in file)