Krakatau Essential Project Manager ver. 1.00.005

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Krakatau Essential Project Manager ver. 1.00.005

Krakatau Essential PM makes using EPM (our market leading changed SLOC) tool even easier. Featuring a carefully designed GUI to facilitate fast and efficient project creation Krakatau EPM allows software professional to compare two versions of a software project and within seconds view changed, new and deleted files and SLOC values. Krakatau EPM enables the user to take snapshots of the software project and pinpoint areas of the source code that are changing too frequently or unexpectedly (without authorisation). In this respect, project management, quality and control are clearly improved.

Multi-Language Projects

Krakatau Essential PM can be used with EPM, our command line tool, to provide a complete solution to measuring changed, new and deleted SLOC. Krakatau Essential PM automatically creates HTML, XML and CSV reports as well as MySQL data files. KEPM also provides traditional LOC/SLOC metrics including Halstead size metrics. In single project mode KEPM displays LOC/SLOC/Halstead metrics for individual (non-comparison) projects.

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