Kryptel v5.71

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Kryptel v5.71

Kryptel v5.71 | 4.94 MB

Kryptel is an easy-to-use single-click solution making encryption of files and folders no more complex than copying or moving. On the other hand, Kryptel includes a number of advanced features like creating encrypted filesets or batch mode processing.

By default, Kryptel uses the newest Advanced Encryption Standard for data encryption. Other strong ciphers can be selected in the Crypto Settings panel. The encrypted backup feature and efficient data compression make Kryptel an ideal tool for archiving sensitive data.

Kryptel is a file encryption program, enabling you to use strong cryptographic algorithms for protecting your files and folders.

Kryptel is a drag-and-drop file and folder encryption that uses strong cryptographic algorithms.

Kryptel supports drag and drop, and makes encryption of any number of files as easy as a single mouse click. The package also includes the integrated file shredder for secure deletion of sensitive data.

What's New
ยท Maintenance release fixing a few bugs.