KTML 3.6.5 Professional - 1 domain for DW

Posted By: xelbe

Any content management system requires fast editing and easy publishing of web content. KTML3 is an online visual HTML editor designed for publishers who need to edit web content fast. It allows easy content formatting using its advanced table and image manipulation features based on the live property inspector. Unlike other online editors on the market, our product supports most platforms and browsers, providing the user with advanced text and paragraph formatting capabilities, as well as CSS support and easy HTML tag selection.

The KTML3 tool targets a very large range of developers as it can be included in PHP, ASP, ASP.NET VB and ColdFusion pages using the PHP_MySQL, PHAkt2 (PHP_ADODB), ASP_VBScript, ASP.NET VB or ColdFusion Dreamweaver server models.

The KTML control is designed to be integrated in a web application that will allow direct content editing on the web, without forcing the editor to write any HTML code.. Editors have the possibility to create links to other pages or files and to insert images into the document without having any HTML knowledge. Moreover, they can create sophisticated page layouts by using the table feature, as well as clean up HTML code and spellcheck the content with just a few mouse clicks (depending on the version used).

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