Lambdares TracePro ver. 3.37F

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Lambdares TracePro ver. 3.37F

Lambdares TracePro ver. 3.37F | Size: 35 Mb

TracePro is a general raytracing program for illumination analysis, optical analysis, radiometry analysis, and photometry analysis. It is the first optics software to be based on the industry-standard ACIS solid modeling kernel from Spatial, Inc.? It is also the first software to combine true solid modeling, powerful optical analysis features, strong data exchange capabilities, and an enjoyable graphical interface.

TracePro is used to model:
illumination systems
luminaires and light fixtures
automotive lighting: headlights, taillights, interior and instrument lighting
camera systems
infrared imaging systems
remote sensing systems
light pipes and multi-mode fibers
integrating spheres
projection systems


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