Lan Viewer v1.6

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Lan Viewer v1.6

Lan Viewer v1.6 | Win32 | 1.01MB

LAN Viewer is a handy tool that lets you automatically check your favorite shared folders. If the monitored resource changes, the program will immediately notify you. You can also choose to automatically download the modified and new files. You needn't visit the shared folders. LAN Viewer will do it itself and will notify you on new files and will copy to your disk. You can set the program to monitoring within regular intervals of time, e.g. daily, weekly, at days of week. The variety of settings allows you to specify an individual checking schedule. Using LAN Viewer you'll be always in-touch with shares without wasting your time on constant manual checking routine.

Are you looking for shared files?
LAN Viewer is an essential tool for you. It will help you quickly find documents, music, video, software on a home network or corporate intranet.


* both remote and local folders may be monitored
* unlimited number of monitored folders
* subfolders may be monitored too
* inclusion masks
* individual scheduling for each task
* tasks list may be exported to and imported from a file


* by popup window.
* by sound.
* through e-mail.
* by starting a program.


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