Laura's Lab Kit v7.0 [DVD]

Posted By: Alexpal
Laura's Lab Kit v7.0 [DVD]

Laura's Lab Kit v7.0 [DVD] | 1 Gb

A collection of Laura's favorite analysis tools and utilities, articles, video clips.
Stand back! I'm so happy I could spit! Really! After years and years of presenting courses at BrainShare, we are finally offering a hands-on analysis lab. Certainly I could stand up in front of you and show you trace files of horrific network communications. I could razzle and dazzle you with spectacular filters that could pinpoint a piece of lint crossing port 14 on the switch twenty rooms away where the weary BrainShare IT team hides. Although that's been fun in the past, this year, my BrainShare breakout focuses on the tactile learner-the one who has to have their hands on the keyboard at all times-you know who you are!

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