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Leadtools Development Products

LEAD Technologies, Inc. is the world-leading supplier of imaging development sdks. The LEADTOOLS family of toolkits is designed to help programmers integrate color, grayscale, document, medical, multimedia, Internet and vector imaging into their applications quickly and easily. LEAD's award-winning imaging technology has been chosen by Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Boeing, Xerox, Kodak, Ford Motor Company and thousands of other companies for use in their high volume applications and internal systems.

Raster Imaging Toolkits

The foundation of all LEADTOOLS sdks. Raster imaging includes the engines for viewing, image processing, scanning, printing, compression, display, import and export of 150+ raster formats: TIFF, JPG, J2K, PDF and more.

Document Imaging Toolkits

The most powerful document imaging tools available. Develop fast & flexible document imaging applications with bitonal image processing, annotations, barcode, high-speed twain scanning, OCR, document clean-up and more.

Medical Imaging Toolkits

A must have for every medical developer. This toolkit includes the complete DICOM file format and communication support, 12 and 16-bit grayscale imaging including window-leveling and LUT processing and much more.

Vector Imaging Toolkits

A powerful vector developer SDK to create 2-D and 3-D viewers, editors, and converters that support both vector and raster image formats. OpenGL or GDI rendering engines and much more.

Multimedia Imaging Toolkits

Create professional multimedia applications with features such as capture, playback, conversion and editing, as well as multimedia file support (WAV, MPG, AVI, MPEG2, OGG), DVD image creation, video conferencing, video on demand and more.

Imaging Web Services

Web service API including image format conversion (150+ file formats including JPEG2000, PDF, CMW, and TIFF, 12-16 bit grayscale), image processing, OCR and document image clean-up and more. 95.37 MB 2.64 MB 95.37 MB 95.37 MB 34.20 MB 95.37 MB 18.25 MB 78.51 MB 5.44 MB 18.25 MB 13.05 MB 89.73 MB 95.37 MB 95.37 MB 42.93 MB 95.37 MB 12.60 MB 95.37 MB 95.37 MB 43.46 MB 95.37 MB

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