Lemony Video Subtitler REUPPED

Posted By: klol101
Lemony is a subtitling software. It offers an innovative way to work with video subtitles. It allows professional creation of subtitles, captions and karaoke for NLE editors, DVD authoring applications, video players, etc.

Features :

Creation of subtitles, captions and karaoke content.
Import and export of scripts and render of subpictures.
Non linear editing
Subtitles are located in a timeline and can be visually adjusted.
Create and edit subtitles using a timeline, a script or a draft text.
Full Unicode support. With support for vertical and right-to-left scripts, ligatures, etc.
Use different tracks to have subtitles in different languages and display them simultaneously.
Import subtitles in any code page, including DOS (for captions) and Macintosh.
Flexible design
Design text by using styles, palettes, regions and layouts. Change design with one click.
Full control over text attributes, like bold, italic, color, shadow, outline, highlight, boxes, etc.
Support for templates.
More than 100 different file formats to import and export.
Auto detection of file formats.
Import already-created subpictures.
Improved workflow
WYSIWYG. Real time preview of subtitles in real size, quality and colors.
Creation of subtitles based on audio's waveform.
Support of chapters and video reels.
Unlimited undo levels, subtitles, tracks, styles, layouts.
Creative solutions
Specialized resynchronization module.
Draft module, to create subtitles like in a word processor.
Spell checking.
Multiple previews.
Use of variables in text.
Professional tools
Selection tools to select subtitles by time, attributes, language, etc.
Edition tools to: Cut, copy and paste subtitles; merge and split, etc.
Text tools to: Find and replace text; insert, remove and flush text; conversion of Asiatic text, etc.
Time tools to: Offset subtitles, correct overlaps, stretch time, synchronize and equalize tracks, etc.
Auto checking of conflicts with subtitles.
Media support
Monitor modules to play video and audio based on Media player, QuickTime or Real player.
Supported formats: avi (even DivX), wmv (even HD), mpeg, mpeg-2, mpeg-4, DV, vob, rm, mov, swf, mp3, wav, and more.
Files larger than 2 GB are also supported.


Runs from Windows 98 to XP.
Runs under Microsoft Virtual PC.
Compatible with external shuttle/jog controls.
Compatible with skins.
Compatible with frame servers.