Leonard Maltin 2007 Movie Guide v1.2

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Leonard Maltin 2007 Movie Guide v1.2

Leonard Maltin 2007 Movie Guide v1.2 | 7 MB

Instantly transform your handheld into the most up-to-date, comprehensive and reliable movie guide around.

Think of all the time you have spent watching films that haven't lived up to the studio hype. Now with a few taps of the stylus you can find the gems and side step the turkeys. The Leonard Maltin Movie Guide places essential facts for over 21,700 films at your fingertips including ratings and capsule reviews summarizing plot quality and often great tidbits of information.

No matter what your viewing interests are, the Leonard Maltin Movie Guide will pair you up with the perfect movie. The unique Film Finder enables you to search on any combination of Title, Year, Rating, Director, Cast member in addition to attributes such as Awards, Genre, Country and DVD availability.