Lightwave 3D 9.0

Posted By: harpoon_louie
Lightwave 3D 9.0 | 45,1 Mb

LightWave® v9 is the perfect combination of power, speed and value. Long considered one of the easiest 3D animation systems to learn and use, LightWave 3D® is versatile enough for any application from award-winning visual effects to stunning hi-res print graphics, dynamic video games, powerful motion graphics and more. LightWave offers modeling, animation, dynamics, volumetric rendering, particle effects and a motion picture quality rendering engine with unlimited render nodes making LightWave the centerpiece of the most cost effective 3D production pipelines in the world.

System RAM: 512 MB minimum requirement, 1 GB recommended

Graphics Card: nVidia FX 5200 series (minimum)
ATIFireGL V 5100 (minimum)

Graphics support: Full OpenGL (OpenGL 2.0 support, or ARB_shading_language_100 OpenGL
extension in earlier versions, required to use GLSL features)

Driver: Latest from chipset manufacturer

Dedicated Video RAM: 64 MB per display minimum requirement, 128 MB recommended

Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024x768 minimum requirement, 1280x1024 recommended

Hard Drive Space: 230 MB for program installation (not including content)

Windows® 32-Bit:

Operating System: Windows® XP
Processor: Intel® or AMD
Windows® 64-Bit:

Operating System: Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition
Processor: Intel® EM64T or AMD64