Software: Lightwave 9 Open Beta

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Software: Lightwave 9 Open Beta

Lightwave 9 Open Beta + crack
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Major Core Changes to the LightWave Rendering Engine
The following changes have been made to the LightWave Render Core:

* Implementation of BSP/KD Tree Algorithm to achieve improved speeds as scene complexity rises
* Complete replacement of the original ray tracing core
* Any function that uses ray tracing calls will be significantly faster in most cases
* Improved multi-threading with dynamic segmentation to insure maximum use of available CPUs
* Typical speed improvements at 2.5x over LightWave version 8.5 for today's increasingly ambitious high-polygon count production scenes

The actual core of the LightWave rendering engine has been replaced with a modern implementation that reflects some of the latest developments in the CG industry. This new core allows for the addition of new rendering technologies, and lays a very strong foundation for the future. In addition to being higher quality, the rendering engine is now significantly faster for today's ambitious production needs - and the more complex the scene, the higher the speed differential!

Adaptive Pixel Subdivision

Adaptive subdivision of a mesh based on distance from camera and visibility

* Added Adaptive Sub-division methods - Per Object, Per Polygon and Per Pixel
* Highly optimized mesh, tied to render resolution when using Per Pixel
* Visibly similar to micro-poly displacement
* Improvements to Sub-division surfaces
* Support for both LightWave Subdivision Surfaces and Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces
* Subdivision level can be controlled via numerical values, envelopes, expressions, motion modifiers, textures, procedurals, gradients and more

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