Software: Lightwave 9 Open Beta Repost Fixed

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Software: Lightwave 9 Open Beta Repost Fixed

Lightwave 9 Open Beta Fixed | 33,2 Mb
Per ate rroten e karit qe me ka fshi filet, ca kujto ti mer kar se se mor vesht un. Paske qen loqe komplet. Ke ra shum posht

Major Core Changes to the LightWave Rendering Engine
The following changes have been made to the LightWave Render Core:

* Implementation of BSP/KD Tree Algorithm to achieve improved speeds as scene complexity rises
* Complete replacement of the original ray tracing core
* Any function that uses ray tracing calls will be significantly faster in most cases
* Improved multi-threading with dynamic segmentation to insure maximum use of available CPUs
* Typical speed improvements at 2.5x over LightWave version 8.5 for today's increasingly ambitious high-polygon count production scenes

The actual core of the LightWave rendering engine has been replaced with a modern implementation that reflects some of the latest developments in the CG industry. This new core allows for the addition of new rendering technologies, and lays a very strong foundation for the future. In addition to being higher quality, the rendering engine is now significantly faster for today's ambitious production needs - and the more complex the scene, the higher the speed differential!

Adaptive Pixel Subdivision

Adaptive subdivision of a mesh based on distance from camera and visibility

* Added Adaptive Sub-division methods - Per Object, Per Polygon and Per Pixel
* Highly optimized mesh, tied to render resolution when using Per Pixel
* Visibly similar to micro-poly displacement
* Improvements to Sub-division surfaces
* Support for both LightWave Subdivision Surfaces and Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces
* Subdivision level can be controlled via numerical values, envelopes, expressions, motion modifiers, textures, procedurals, gradients and more

Download (Rapidshare):
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