Liquidsonics Reverberate VST v1.005 REPACK

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Liquidsonics Reverberate VST v1.005 REPACK

Liquidsonics Reverberate VST v1.005 REPACK | 10.17 mb

LiquidSonics' Reverberate is a highly efficient convolution audio processor offering true zero-latency operation for two separate, stereo impulse responses.

Reverberate seeks to provide a richer and more dynamic sounding reverb from impulse responses by optionally modulating an amalgamation of two, separately controllable IRs using an LFO. Further modulation is possible using the post-processing effects; an all-pass interpolator chorus provides a fuller sound and an over-sampled analogue prototype paragraphic equaliser is provided with dual LFOs. These features make for a livelier sound than typically associated with some convolution reverbs, at a very competitive price.



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