Littleinkpot Plugins

Posted By: ekenciz

Thredgeholder Pro provides edge detection of different colour channels, allowing selective edges for different aspects such as image brightness, hue, or blue component. The results combine effectively with the other tools of your graphics application to produce fantastically rich results. Here's one example
The Sketcher plugin was created to provide illustrative effects to computer images, whether photographs, computer drawn pictures or 3D renderings. It can render smooth artistic pencil sketches, pen and ink illustrations, and a number of different halftone/threshold effects.

The PhotoGrey plugin works like colour filters in black and white photography. It allows unique balancing of greyscale conversions based on selective colour filtering and the same is even made possible on colour images. The simplicity and effectiveness of the process creates one of the most effective photo-processing tools available

Chalkaholic Pro renders chalk and charcoal type effects with such artistic panache and flair that its results are difficult to identify as being computer generated.