Palm OS: Llamagraphics Life Balance v3.2.7

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Palm OS: Llamagraphics Life Balance v3.2.7

Palm OS: Llamagraphics Life Balance v3.2.7 | 1,61 Mb

Life Balance is award winning coaching software that provides a dynamically ordered To Do List driven by the importance of your goals, your desired allocation of time and effort, and feedback from what you get done each day.
Life Balance is a time and task management program that helps you focus on what's really important to you and actively balance the often conflicting demands of career and personal life. Life Balance emphasizes the intrinsic importance that you've assigned to your projects and life goals, rather than arbitrarily filling every slot in your calendar. This helps you to spend your time and energy on what matters to you the most. You can be self-directed, and know that you are working toward long term goals while still managing your day to day routine.

Some of the features that set Life Balance apart from most to-do list software are:

A built-in outliner so that you can organize your tasks into projects
The ability to reprioritize all the tasks in a project by dragging a single slider
An unlimited number of places (categories) that you can use to filter your to-do list
Dependencies, so that Step B won't appear on your list until Step A is finished
Routine tasks, like laundry, can be scheduled to happen with a flexible interval rather than scheduling for a particular day and time
Lead times to gently bring your attention to approaching deadlines
Integration with the schedule in your Palm's built-in Date Book
Pie charts that provide feedback on how you are spending your time
Unique "balance" feature nudges your to do list to help to bring your actual time and effort allocation more in line with your desires
An active and knowledgeable User Community available in the User Forum to help answer questions and discuss how to get the most out of Life Balance software.
Life Balance helps you to set priorities and increase personal productivity in a very new way. Items on a to-do list can have a high priority for different reasons: because they are part of an important project, because the deadline is near-at-hand, because you are in the right place to take action, or because you have been neglecting the task.

Internally, Life Balance uses fuzzy logic math techniques to balance all these competing factors. As a result, it can provide you with an easy to use, sorted list that makes it simple to figure out what is the most important thing that you can do right here, right now.

Ultimately, Life Balance is software designed to help you achieve that feeling that you are living authentically and following your own unique path.

We have customers who have been successfully using the Life Balance self management methodology since 1995.

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