LoneMail Suite 2006 v1.35

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LoneMail Suite 2006 v1.35

LoneMail Suite 2006 v1.35 | 2.5 MB
Windows 98 & Up

LoneMail Suite:
If you want a group of programs that helps you in your internet marketing campaign, LoneMail Suite is your solution. Using LoneMail Suite, the whole process, from collecting your emails to verifying & saving your email lists, is much more easy, with reliable results, which ultimately leads to better performance in your marketing plans.

Other features:

- Can access internet explorer favorites , opera bookmarks and mozilla firefox bookmarks.
- Supports Inline username password authentication.
- Scan a folder for files that most likely contains e-mails.

- Easy to use sources management interface, enables you to add, edit, remove any number and type of addresses arranged in accessible tree view.
- Tag your sources with easy to remember names for fast recall.

- Intelligent single-threaded technology - 100 Times faster than other extraction software.
- Optimized extraction engine.
- Advanced extraction rules such as extraction depth, page limit, domain exclusive etc.
- Lone collector gives you the option for the depth of your search up to 1024 level of depth. Also it allows you to set the collection to be domain exclusive or not , and you can limit the number of jumps from domain to domain up to 1024 jumps
- rearrange your results by domain name for by address or by e-mail and select multiple items to save.
- Real-time extraction statistics such as number of e-mail addresses extracted, number of URLs extracted and in process etc.
- Easy to use find function to search both sources and results for a specific address or words.
- Collects E-mails From websites ( http – https – ftp ), single or multiple web addresses. Multiple via any list of addresses, using an advanced view with up to 16 different definable variables and automatic detection feature eg:
http://www.domain.com/page4.html etc …
- Various e-mail & URL filters to fine-tune your search results.
- Collects from files (txt, rtf, doc, html, htm, xml, eml [outlook email file], ard [opera bookmarks file], mht, asp [active script pages], dot, csv [Comma separated Values].
- Collects from any search engine you can imagine through a wizard to help you every step on the way.

- Counter measures technology TM for collecting e-mails from sites that protect it’s e-mails contents from automatic collection e.g. Bigbook.com and yellowpages.com . With this technology you are able to bypass the protection with a very easy 3 steps. Visit loneware forum for the latest tips and tricks for your counter measures settings.

- Save your work in session file and load it later.
- Save your collected e-mails and links as CSV file [comma separated values] with 3 different formats [for Microsoft outlook and excel] which is easily imported in any of your e-mail client programs. Also you can save it a sequential text file.
- Saves extracted emails in text format with one address per line. You can import your email address files into any Bulk Email program.

- Automatically removes duplicate addresses.
- Socks 4/5 & firewall support.
- You can limit your maximum file size the lone collector would download.
- Print you e-mails results.
- Automatic Internet update within the program.
- illustrated help included and tutorials.
- Compare 2 e-mail lists or links lists and extract the difference, the common or simply merge them in one big list without duplicates.
- Verify your e-mails and links to be sure it is active by 7 different methods between syntax check and domain checking.
- Disk space efficient , no more than 10MB of temporary files in use during collection.
- Compatible Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/2003 and Windows Vista ready.
- Keywords exclusion list
- Get help from an online users community forum

LoneMail Collector

LoneMail Suite 2006 v1.35

It can ACCESS almost anything that contains e-mails. You can easily MANAGE YOUR SOURCES, making sure you can use them whenever you want, again & again. Lonemail collector has UNIQUE EXTRACTING TECHNOLOGIES & OPTIONS, such as our INTELLIGENT SINGLE-THREADED TECHNOLOGY, COUNTER-MEASURES TECHNOLOGY, & DOMAIN FILTERING, ensuring you obtain the greatest amount of e-mails possible, in a fast, secure, and reliable manner. Lonemail collector uses lots of methods to ensure your SEARCH RESULTS ARE SAVED, no matter what happens.

More: http://www.loneware.com/software/Lonemailcollector.html

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