The Louvre for Kids

Posted By: biory

Beautiful digitally rendered art works

The Louvre Museum for Kids, age 3 and up, is not the usual museum tour but instead presents 150 works of art in an order that creates interesting variety, rather than by gallery, era, or style.
The slide show has music, sound effects and brief, often funny, voice-over comment or question about the subject matter (one comment is just "Ouch").
Clicking on an image int he slide show takes you to a screen with icons to access various types of information about the artwork, and puzzles.
There is no index to for navigation, but you can bookmark artwords you encounter by putting snapshots of them in an album. The icon of a frog jumps you randomly around the works of art.
Mac/Windows hybrid, 8 bit color, runs off the disc
The beautiful, digitally rendered art works are described, shown to scale in a gallery, put in perspective on a timeline, made into games and given a new lease on life.
Finest feature: The magnifying glass, which allows kids to get a close-up view of the Mona Lisa without setting off any alarms.

Will it work? Maybe. The system requirements are Windows 95 or later or Macintosh OS 7 or higher.