LSoft Active@ ZDelete.NET Retail

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LSoft Active@ ZDelete.NET Retail

LSoft Active@ ZDelete.NET Retail | 2.3MB

The purpose of Active@ ZDelete.NET software is to protect your privacy by preventing undesirable people to access private deleted data against your will. ZDelete.NET is a cleanup and internet eraser utility that completely erases selected files, drives, folders, Internet Cache, Internet History, Internet Cookies, temporary files, etc. without any possibility of data recovery. A User can browse and use the internet without leaving any history or traces of your internet usage on your hard drive. "Integrated Disk Wiper" can also erase data on your hard drives free/available space making the recovery of previously deleted files impossible. ZDelete.NET conforms to the US Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M. Once a file is destroyed using ZDelete.NET it is purged forever. Consider it to be a powerful and flexible data eraser for the information that must be permanently rooted away from the hard drive.
» Graphical User Interface integrated with Windows Explorer and Microsoft Internet Explorer
» Windows Drag-and-Drop and Hotkey functionality
» Functions reside in context command menus
» Clear Internet system folders, Internet cookies and Internet cache
» ZDelete Can icon - Similar in operation to Windows Recycle Bin but different in purpose
» A custom profile can be defined for the Auto-Cleaner feature
» With ZDelete Wizard you can easily configure Auto-Cleaner to run automatically at a specified time using the standard Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler
» The program supports custom configuration of all options; e.g. the number of passes for data sweeping