LyGil Software Printer Squirrel ver.

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LyGil Software Printer Squirrel ver.

LyGil Software Printer Squirrel ver. | 16,9 MB

Printer Squirrel is a cost effective solution in situations such as businesses, libraries, internet cafes and schools/universities where print costs need to be monitored and/or recovered. Printer Squirrel monitors print jobs being sent to printers, recording details such as the user who sent the job, the name of the job and the number of pages printed for a the print job. Charging schemes can be easily set for each printer and users can be put into functional groups or classes.

Printer Squirrel 2.32 released See the versions page for more details.

Unfortunately Printer Squirrel no longer has the freeware 'Lite' option. The idea behind the freeware option was to allow an easy and cheap (free) way of performing basic printer logging.

Whilst we strongly believe in the concept of freeware (We use several excellent freeware products here), we have found that since releasing the freeware option, sales of the full version have decreased markedly.

We apologise for the inconvenience and dissapointment for some users.