McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

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McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator | 155 MB

Enforce and monitor your system's security. Coordinate your defense against malicious threats and attacks with McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator®. As your central security management hub, it helps you keep protection up to date; configure and enforce protection policies; and monitor security status. Do it all from one centralized console.

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator is the industry leading system security management solution, delivering a coordinated, proactive defense against malicious threats and attacks for the enterprise. As the central hub of McAfee System Protection Solutions, administrators can mitigate the risk of rogue, non-compliant systems, keep protection up-to-date, configure and enforce protection policies, and monitor security status, 24/7, from one centralized, enterprise-scalable console.
ePolicy Orchestrator make it easier for your IT staff to enforces compliance and updates. Manage your enterprise-wide protection using anti-virus, anti-spyware, system firewalls, host IPS, and content filtering. ePolicy Orchestrator also checks for critical Microsoft® patches, pinpoints virus sources, and remediates security problems quickly.

- Enforce compliance and updates. Manage policy compliance and updates and lower the risk of noncompliant systems compromising your security
- Comprehensive security management. Handle all your enterprise-wide system protection with this centralized management infrastructure. It covers anti-virus, anti-spyware, host IPS, content filtering, and Microsoft® patch assessment
- Find noncompliant systems. Identify noncompliant systems that increase your risk of vulnerability and infection
- Assess Microsoft patch compliance. Audit your current patch rollout processes and make sure you've applied the latest patches; ePolicy Orchestrator informs you about your exposure to new exploits and vulnerabilities
- Monitor security all day, every day. Stay on top of your security status 24/7, evaluate your policy status, and find your network's vulnerabilities from one centralized console

Product Features:
- Noncompliant system detection. Lower your risks due to noncompliant systems; ePolicy Orchestrator alerts you when such systems are connected to your network
- Patch compliance and reporting. Search for a file, service, registry key, or specific Microsoft patch; monitor compliance by viewing detailed graphical reports
- Virus tracking and notification. Track new anti-virus security updates every hour and deploy them to appropriate systems; ePolicy Orchestrator does it all without anyone's intervention
- Automatic and fast global updating. Distribute updates efficiently and quickly, so that you can respond