Magic ISO 5.2 build 190

Posted By: motherf
Magic ISO 5.2 build 190

MagicISO is CD/DVD image utility that can extract, edit, create and burn ISO files. ISO file are images (duplicates) of complete CD/DVD disc. containing exact binary copies of the original CDs. Usually, you have to burn an ISO file on a CD to extract its contents, but now you can simply open an ISO file in MagicISO.

MagicISO can create ISO file from your CD/DVD driver. You can use ISO files for creating backup copies of your CDs or restore your CDs by burning backup ISO files.

+ New Features for v5.2(build 190)

Can create/open/edit/extract/burn APPLE HFS/APPLES HFS+ disk image.

Can create/open/edit/extract/burn DMG image.

Can create Windows/Mac Hybrid CD/DVD image(ISO/JOLIET/UDF/HFS+).

Added options to finalize CD/DVD disc.

Fixed bug on decoding MP3 files.

Improves on burning CD/DVD image on-the-fly.

Improves CD/DVD image file processing engine (optimize for speed and space).

Download: Setup + Serial 2,35 MB