Magix Music Maker 2005 Deluxe

Posted By: Alexpal
Сам я, признаюсь честно, со звуком не работал, но возможности программы, на мой взгляд, впечатляют. :)
Пакет Magix Music Maker 2005 Deluxe предназначен для начинающих и профессиональных композиторов и позволяет создавать собственные композиции и звуковое сопровождение к видео. Программа поддерживает 96 стерео дорожек. В комплекте имеется библиотека, хранящая более пяти тысяч примеров. К новым возможностям относятся: аранжировка в режиме реального времени, MIDI-редактор и возможность варьировать темп без изменения тона звучания. Благодаря набору функций для работы с видео, пакет можно использовать и в качестве видео-редактора.

Основные функции:
Комбинация лупов, запись инструментов и вокала, обработка эффектами, сведение; возможность добавления видео, визуальных эффектов и анимации в музыкальный проект; возможность скачивания новых звуков с сайта Magix; запись на CD; программа имеет 96 стерео дорожек (аудио, видео, текст и MIDI); автоматическую функцию Re-Mix; фильтр для вырезания вокала из песни; профессиональный стандарт звука (32-bit, плавающая запятая); 13 виртуальных инструментов включая synthesizer и sampler(могут быть использованы все одновременно).
15 эффектов обработки звука в реальном времени:
— Реверберация (Reverb)
— Задержка (Delay)
— Фильтры (Noise Filters)
— Объёмный звук (3D Sound)
— Искажение (Distortion)
— Эквалайзер (Equalizer)
— Синтезатор голоса (Vocalizer)
— Вокодер (Vocoder)
— Компрессор (Compressor)
— Эмулятор гитарных усилителей (Amp Simulation)
— Изменение темпа и высоты звука (Tempo & Pitch Variation).

Thousands of sounds, great effects and instruments, live recording, vocal pitch correction and Remix Maker make MAGIX music maker 10 deLuxe a universal music tool – for beginners and advanced musicians alike.
Click on sound and video modules or add recorded vocals and live instruments to create an original, professional-sounding song in minutes.
Drum machine, ringtone generator, Vintage Effects Suite PLUS, ASIO, live input, Remix Maker, 3500 sounds, videos and presets.
14 instruments, 31 audio effects, CD & DVD burning, MAGIX music editor 2.0

— MAGIX LiViD - Little Virtual Drummer
— Ringtone generator
— Two CDs of sound loops
— Vintage Effect Suite PLUS: Chorus, Flanger, and Delay and ModFilter
— MAGIX Task Assistant
— New mixer functions
— Enhanced remix automation
— MAGIX Media Manager 2004 silver
— Expanded MIDI editor
— Optimized start and end marker handling
— MAGIX Low Latency - Realtime live audio input
— 24-bit
— DVD support - Burn data DVDs

MAGIX LiViD - Little Virtual Drummer. It plays and plays and plays and plays… MAGIX LiViD helps you to turn your ideas into songs. Enter a few basic details and LiViD will play you the whole song, complete with intro, verses, choruses, fills, bridges etc.; the entire track structure is laid out for your convenience. Brilliant stereo drum samples and an optional "human" feel ensure realistic drum grooves and perfect sound quality.

Ringtone generator. Cell-phone tuning! Convert your own sounds or songs directly into your cell-phone's ringtone format. Tunes can be exported into the following formats: WAV, ADPCM, MP3, AMR and more.

MAGIX soundpools. Definitely a hit! Two CDs bursting with thousands of new loops! The hippest styles (70's Funk, Techno, Trance, Rock Pop, HipHop and lots more) are waiting to be thrown into your creative mix.

Professional effects: Chorus, Flanger, and Delay. fresh breeze! These three new effects will inject some added vitality into your songs. Chorus adds warmth and depth, Flanger creates "jet"-like sounds, Delay provides echos and stereo ping-pong delays-these standard effects are a must for every sound enthusiast.

Task Assistant - help videos for common tasks. earn about the software! The new task assistant provides support for complex, demanding productions. Our short instructional videos can surprise even the most seasoned music maker users. Simply watch and learn!

Professional mixer. The core component! The mixer now features direct access to EQs, new effects such as Chorus, Flanger and Delay as track inserts, and additional mastering effects.

MAGIX Remix Maker. Foundation for creative ideas. The new Remix Maker detects the beat in your audio files, segmenting songs into slices and automatically generating remixes. Simply insert your CD and your remix starts at the press of a button!

Expanded MIDI editor. Maximum MIDI! The new MIDI editor provides added support for your MIDI instruments. MIDI recording, in-depth editing and inserting plug-in instruments-do it all with this easy-to-use editor. Additional features: drawing of controller data, detailed event editing, other powerful MIDI tools.

Optimized start and end marker handling. Work faster! Improved handling of start/end markers and other interface improvements make for faster, more intuitive arranging.

MAGIX Low Latency - Live sessions with effects. Fast response! Magix Low Latency lets you record audio sources, including sound effects, directly from the sound card (all common cards supported). Just plug in and start recording-this is how vocals and guitars are meant to be recorded! What's more, response times (latency) for controls, VST instruments and effects are extremely low. All changes can be heard in realtime-without any delay.

MAGIX Media Manager 2004 silver. Plenty of functions-straightforward operation: Media Manager silver 2004 is an application for all digital media. File playback, basic editing, engaging slideshows, image and song management, file archiving, CD burning: do it all with Media Manager 2004 silver.

24-bit support. Sound like the professionals! Top sound quality at your command. MAGIX music maker 2005 deLuxe is the only application in its price range to offer 24-bit sound quality for professional audio editing and mastering.

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