Masking Password Generator Pro ver.

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Masking Password Generator Pro ver.

Masking Password Generator Pro ver. | 4,84 MB

More and more System Administrators are requiring their clients to generate stronger passwords as system security becomes ever more important. Masking Password Generator Pro 3is the perfect tool to meet this need, whether you are an administrator or network user. Create random passwords using an easy-to-learn, yet powerful, masking syntax. Or, use the new built-in wizards to create your masks for you. Define your mask to match your organization's password requirements and never struggle thinking up compliant passwords again.

With Masking Password Generator Pro, you will be able to create highly secure random passwords that are are extremely difficult to crack or guess. Even easy-to-remember, pronounceable passwords are highly impervious to cracking if they are of sufficient length and are not contained in any dictionary.

Speaking of dictionaries, version 3 now includes the ability to pull random words from a dictionary when generating passwords, obscuring them in the process so they are easy to remember but very difficult to guess!

Version 3 also includes a real random number generator which allows you to generate random numbers from numerous statistical distributions.

Translate any password, or list of passwords into "phonetic spelling" using our unique Phonetic Speller, so you can easily read off passwords to someone else on the phone. For example, with one click of a button you can translate V4mwovtc to "VICTOR - Four - mike - whiskey - oscar - victor - tango - charlie". Masking Password Generator Pro even includes an optional system-wide hot key which you can set to phonetic spell the contents of the clipboard anywhere you happen to be in Windows!

Run Masking Password Generator Pro in your Windows system tray, and use very little memory but have password generation capability at your fingertips in any Windows application!

Also new to version 3 is the ability for advanced users to generate passwords directly into live database tables or columnar text files. Do you have a list of usernames that you want to generate passwords for? No problem - with a few simple steps Masking Password Generator Pro will generate any kind of password you want for each username, inserting into a file or database in the exact place and manner you specify! We know of no other password generator that can come close to this kind of functionality!