Master Key 5.1.2

Posted By: mr.derek
Master Key 5.1.2

Master Key 5.1.2
5Mb (win) | 10Mb (mac)

Master Key is the most versatile typing tutor. Learn to type on a keyboard using all your fingers. International keyboard support.

Absolutely! Master Key is the most versatile typing tutor on any platform because we've worked with customers at home and in schools over 7 years. Kept completely modern, Master Key uses the standard interface respective to Mac or Windows so it never looks like a port or afterthought on one platform.

Learn to type on a new keyboard such as QWERTY or Dvorak or improve your typing skills using our drills or any plain text files. Tracking mastery progress and playing the ParaTyper game keeps any user interested in progressing their typing skills well past 40 words per minute.

Tuned for schools
Teacher and network support are at the core with centraliized control, rules, reports, passwords, and cross-platform sharing of data.

Key Advantages
Standard OS interface respective of Mac and Windows
Drill Editor to create your own drills based on your own key vocabulary
ParaTyper typing game
Pausible drills so you can answer the phone, take another sip of coffee, or just scratch your nose
Type a book's worth. Paginates large text files, ebooks (Project Gutenberg)
Allows corrections to the previous line
Type in 12 or 24 point type
Try it anonymously as long as you like

Other Key Features
Comprehensive individual statistics
and history
Timed or text-length drills
Mastery goal for speed and accuracy
with certificate print-out
Dvorak keyboarding support and drills
International keyboard support
Optional audio feedback which can include high quality samples of actual typewriters


Windows XP

Mac OS X 10.3