MathEQ Expression Editor v4.0.5.07

Posted By: bill_gates
MathEQ's easy-to-use interface features a customizable graphical palette that makes entering expressions as easy as point-and-click.

Unlike other math editing systems, MathEQ is not "code-based", meaning there are
NO programming languages to learn..

Minimize the effort. Maximize your time.
Don't worry about creating complex expressions on your own -
MathEQ has many ready to use Macros that will create entire composite expressions at the click of a button.

You can even create your own Macros, place buttons for them in the palette, and create keyboard shortcuts for them to make entering your favorite expressions or symbols faster and easier, making your document creation and editing more efficient.

Report Card Remarks : Above Average Intelligence. Plays Well With Others.
MathEQ has abilities and options not found in competitive products. With MathEQ, there are no symbols or fonts that cannot be rendered, no tree too complex that it cannot be created - the possibilities are limitless.

Instead of working with just one word processor or layout program, MathEQ works with them all. Output to standard image formats at high resolution for use in layout and design programs like Adobe® Illustrator™ and InDesign™. Or output with special settings to seamlessly insert expressions into programs like Microsoft® Word™.

Putting your math on-line?
Output to MathML or compatible image formats for use on the World-Wide-Web. You can also output MathSpeak™ - a new technology that makes the math on your webpages accessible to visually-impaired web users.

Beauty Is More than PostScript Deep
MathEQ expressions not only appear on screen and print beautifully in your documents (utilizing PostScript technology, no matter what font you're using), but more amazingly - retain their editability!

Take any math expression you've created with MathEQ, whether in image format or pasted into another program (like Microsoft Word), open it up with MathEQ and all the MathEQ formatting and options are there.

You never have to start from scratch just to make a small change.

System Requirements

Macintosh PPC
OS 8, 9
OSX - 10.1, 10.2

Microsoft Windows

16MB available RAM -

5MB diskspace - 800x600 screen resolution

Download :

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