MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio Bundle ver. 10.0 Retail

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MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio Bundle ver. 10.0 Retail

MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio Bundle ver. 10.0 Retail | 82 Mb | Windows OS

Equip your production environment with the CINEMA 4D Studio Bundle in order to take advantage of all the power CINEMA 4D has to offer. Your advanced 3D projects will come alive with the addition of hair and fur tools, dynamic simulations and non-photorealistic rendering. The CINEMA 4D Studio Bundle lets you unleash your creativity and enjoy 3D without limits.

Features Include:
*HAIR - A fully integrated CINEMA 4D module for the creation of hair, fur and feathers. Breathtakingly fast, this module offers minimal use of memory and an intuitive interface.Beneath the easy-to-use interface lies a complete hair studio - one that would make any stylist green with envy. Hair can be grown using textures, and can be styled freely using any of the numerous tools such as brush, comb, cut or curl.Once the basic hairstyle has been created, the HAIR material can be used to fine-tune the hair. Options such as color, frizz, clump and specularity let you quickly create anything from a fashion model's hairstyle to a furry teddy bear. HAIR dynamics even lets you create an animation worthy of any shampoo commercial. Use the collisions, tension or stiffness settings to add even more life to your animations, while always maintaining complete real time control over the look and feel of your HAIR dynamics in the editor view.

*DYNAMICS - CINEMA 4D Dynamics is a breakthrough technology for recreating natural forces to achieve startlingly realistic visual effects. This exciting plugin allows CINEMA 4D users to easily simulate real-world dynamic forces including friction, gravity, collisions, springs, wind and more.The plugin's rich feature set offers a high degree of control - dynamics are applied to existing objects or the points of an object as a modifier. Solver objects complete the calculation and make the interaction more responsive in the editor. In addition, baking can be used to bring dynamics projects to systems that don't have the plugin but need to render it (such as NET Render).

*SKETCH and TOON has the ability to create so many different styles of 3D renderings, its name is almost misleading. Architects and engineers will enjoy the clean and precise technical illustrations it provides, while artists will appreciate its ability to render 3D scenes as a quick scribble or charcoal sketches.A variety of shading engines make it easy to create illustrations ranging from halftone stills to cel-rendered animations. NPR- and raytrace-rendered objects can be combined in a single scene for unique styles.An abundance of control and plenty of flexibility gives the user the opportunity to create almost any desired effect.