Maxthon Invited Preview version

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Maxthon Invited Preview version

Maxthon Invited Preview! | 1,37 Mb
New preview-build of greatful browser!
Maxthon 2.0 is another Maxthon
with new face, new features and more possibilities

This is a very limited release intended only as a preview, which means that there are still many features missing as well as some bugs that needs to be taken care of before we make a beta release. Anyway, we thought you would like to know that the beta is on the way.

What is new in Maxthon 2.0? New slick and smooth interface, new toolbar placements, improved feeds support and editing, multiple user accounts with unique settings and much more. Most of all Maxthon 2.0 is a new build from scratch and is extremely customizable.

And you can ask for invite you to registration on Maxthon-service to get your own account and login with it - in this topic on Maxthon Forum. Also you could make your Favorites shares (if you want) and upload it on service and download from it.

Обновленный файл русского языка для Maxthon-2 лежит по прежнему адресу