Maya v8 (with patch & keygen, final ISO!)

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Maya v8 (with patch & keygen, final ISO!)

Maya v8 (with patch & keygen, final ISO!)

Autodesk (formerly Alias Systems Corporation) Maya® - Academy Award® winning software is the world’s most powerfully integrated 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering solution. Maya also adds to the quality and realism of 2D graphics. That’s why film and video artists, game developers, visualization professionals, Web and print designers turn to Maya to take their work to the next level.

Integrates the world’s foremost modeling, animation, visual effects, and advanced rendering technologies into one complete workflow solution. It’s the most comprehensive 3D software for producing professional-quality graphics on desktop PCs or graphics workstations.
Maya Unlimited includes all of the integrated tools and functionality in Maya Complete and adds these industry leading innovations: Maya Fluid Effects™; Maya Cloth; Maya Hair; Maya Fur, and Maya Live.
Based on an open architecture, all your work can be scripted or programmed using an embedded scripting language and a well-documented and comprehensive Application Program Interface (API) enabling you to realize your creative vision.
Autodesk Maya is used by film and video artists, game developers, design visualization professionals, and students to create engaging, lifelike digital images, realistic animation, and extraordinary visual effects.

Create breathtaking 3D content with Autodesk® Maya® 8 software. With Maya 8, Autodesk demonstrates its commitment to meeting the demands of next-generation productions. The new release addresses the fundamental challenges Maya customers are facing today–and those they expect to face in the future.

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Highlights of the new product and feature offerings for Autodesk Maya 8 include:
- 64-bit support for Windows and Linux platforms
- Multi-threading and algorithmic speed-ups to boost performance
- File referencing enhancements
- Enhanced polygon modeling and UV tools and workflows
- Transfer of UVs and other attributes between models
- Updated mental ray 3.5 core
- Enhanced interoperability between Maya and other Autodesk products, including MotionBuilder, 3DS Max and Toxik.

Autodesk Maya Complete:
- Intuitive User Interface
- Data and Scene Management Tools
- Polygon Modeling
- NURBS Modeling
- Subdivision Surface Modeling
- General Animation
- Character Animation
- Deformers
- Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics
- Particles and Fields
- Maya Paint Effects
- Toon Shader
- Maya Artisan
- 3D Paint
- Multiple Rendering Options
- Rendering Controls and Effects
- Maya API/SDK
- Connectivity and Integration

Autodesk Maya Unlimited contains everything in Autodesk Maya Complete, plus:
- Maya Hair
- Maya Fluid Effects
- Maya Cloth
- Maya Fur
- Maya Live

* Maya Fluid Effects™ - Simulate and render a huge variety of atmospheric, pyrotechnic, viscous liquid, and open ocean effects. Maya Fluid Effects overcomes one of the greatest barriers in computer animation.
* Maya Fur - Easy creation of realistic fur, short hair, wool and grass on NURBS or polygonal models. Incredibly realistic styling and rendering of short hair and fur, with Maya Artisan brush interface for painting fur attributes.
* Maya Cloth - The fastest and most accurate software solution for simulating a wide variety of digital clothing and other fabric objects. Any cloth object can be animated including sails, skins, tents, drapery, bedding, etc.
* Maya Live - Sophisticated matchmoving combines 2D live-action with 3D elements. Maya Live provides greater flexibility, a fast integrated 2D tracker and an interactive root frame solver. Maya Live also allows you to reconstruct live-action elements as 3D geometry plus output to external applications.
* Maya Hair - Tools for the creation, styling and rendering of fully dynamic long hair on NURBS or polygon objects. Make any NURBS curve dynamic for use in advanced character rigging and effects. Create a wide range of other “non-hair” effects too.

Key New Features & Enhancements :

- 64-bit Release (Windows and Linux platforms)
Maya 8 marks the first full release of Maya with both 32-bit and 64-bit (Windows® and Linux®) executables. It allows you to address considerably more memory than you could in the past, enabling you to handle larger and more complex scenes than ever before.
- Performance
Maya 8 has been optimized to provide superior performance across many areas of the software, both through algorithmic speedups and scalable multi-threading to take advantage of the latest generation of workstations.
- Transfer Polygon Attributes
A new Transfer Polygon Attributes feature allows you to transfer UV, color per vertex (CPV) and vertex position information between surface meshes of differing topologies. This proves particularly useful when working with two different versions of an object/character (e.g., one high resolution and one low resolution). You could then transfer existing UV sets that have already been laid out to the lower resolution model. The feature also lets you create a “shrink-wrap” effect as they transfer vertex positions from one model to another.
- Streamlined New Polygon Tools and Workflows
New and improved tools such as polygon bridge, multiple edge loop insertion, and enhanced UV layout, and new workflows, such as the ability to interactively create, position, and scale primitives in a single operation, maximize productivity for the most common tasks.
- Geometry Caching
You can now cache deformations on polygon, NURBS (including curves) and subdivision surface geometry, allowing for faster playback and rendering of scenes. Caches can be edited and blended in the Trax Editor, letting you blend the results of various vertex animations together in order to form a new animation: for example, you could correct deformations by remodeling and replacing particular frames and then smoothly blend in and out of the changes.
- Override Viewport with Renderer of Choice
You now have the option of overriding the Maya viewports with a proprietary or third-party plug-in renderer. This will enable you to review your scene as it will appear in the target renderer–such as a game engine–while maintaining the ability to interact with the scene in the interactive view. Two example Windows® plug-ins are provided with the Maya Devkit: one for OpenGL® and one for Direct3D® drivers.
- Toxik Interoperability
New as of Maya 8, information about a Maya scene can be exported to Autodesk® Toxik™ collaboration software thereby greatly improving the workflow between the two packages. A Toxik composition can be generated from within Maya based on the render layers in the scene. The exported compositing graph includes the associated image sequence filenames, Maya blend modes, and specific render settings. Iterative updates on composition elements can be created and passed to the Toxik application, enabling you to collaborate on specific elements without starting over each time. Additionally, multiple versions of a composition can be kept for comparison and changes can be easily reverted at any time.
- mental ray 3.5 Core
Maya now uses the mental ray® 3.5 rendering core which has been optimized for superior performance and memory usage.


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You must read the install notes before installation!

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