MCataloguer v2.8.1.7

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MCataloguer v2.8.1.7

MCataloguer v2.8.1.7
Win App | 4.7mb | RS.COM

MCataloguer is a Unicode based multi-purpose software dedicated to cataloging cd, dvd, album, hard disk and so on, with multi-level categories and rich features for music cd album, image files, compressed archives, audio files tags, documents and so on.

Integrated explorer-like interface, super-fast search engine capable of searching inside archives, and much more!

Catalogs all types of removable media and hard disks on your computer
CDs, DVDs, floppies, zip disks, USB flash disks, hard drives or any folder can be included in catalogs. Catalogs can be created by filtering on specific files.
Supports multi-level categories with unlimited levels
Categories within categories are supported to any depth.
Music CD web search and management
Web music tasks enable you to Find Album, Find Lyrics, Find Cover, Submit Album, and Fill Metadata using resources retrieved from internet.
Music discs viewer displays all of the music cds in the catalog. It offers customized sort orders to arrange the music cd display such as sort by genre, by artist, by year, etc.
Web music sites aware - Internet audio CD information including track titles, track lyrics and cover art are reachable. Multi-byte encoding like Chinese,Japanese,Korean is recognizable. Submitting album to server in UTF-8 encoding is supported.
Capable of reading CD-TEXT,ISRC and Catalog Number directly from disc(If your firmware supports this capability).
Audio information is editable offline.
Customized album interface - The HTML audio interface can be changed by assigning a different XSLT template.
Web music tasks
Adding an audio CD to catalog
album viewed as HTML
album viewed as list

Audio file tag management and playback
When you view a cataloged directory containing audio files(aac, ape, mp3, mpc, ogg, wma, etc.), a "tag" tab is created in the integrated interface.
This tab has three parts.
The left pane lists all the specific audio files in the current directory and highlights accessible files in yellow. Inaccessible files are not highlighted.
The upper-right pane displays tag details for the selected media file.
The bottom-right pane is an embedded Windows Media Player which provides enhanced features. In addition to normal controls, the player can shuffle, repeat a song, repeat a playlist and offers a 10-band graphic equalizer. To access these enhanced features, Windows Media Player 9 Series is needed.
You can use web music tasks to find album or tracks information and fill them in those metadata fields.

Tag information & Embeded Windows Media Player
audio files list

Digi-photo and image files cataloging
Thumbnails are saved in the catalog for popular image and digi-photo raw files. The thumbnail size can be adjusted from 64x64 pixel to 128x128 pixel.
Image file formats include .ai, .bmp, .cur, .dib, .emf, .gif, .ico, .jpg, .jng, .mng, .pgm, .pnm, .ppm, .png, .pcd, .psd, .pcx, .ras, .tif, .tiff, .tga, .wbmp, .wmf.

digi-photo raw formats include .bay, .bmq, .cam, .cr2, .crw, .cs1, .dc2, .dcr, .dng, .icc, .k25, .kdc, .mos, .mrw, .nef, .orf, .pef, .raf, .raw, .srf, .thm and .x3f.
The extraction is very fast for raw format photos since only the embeded thumbnail is read out. Program will auto rotate the image if orientation information is recorded in the raw file too. No extra plugin components needed.

Most file properties (comments, dimension, photo taken info, etc.) will also be saved. When you view a folder that contains images, clicking on the "thumbnail" tab will display the file thumbnails in that folder. Placing the cursor on one of the thumbnails will pop up a window listing the image properties.

Thumbnails for image file
Compressed archive cataloguing and listing
Supported formats: ACE, ARJ, CAB, GZ, JAR, LZH, RAR, TAR, TGZ, ZIP, SFX .
When you view a directory that contains these archive file formats, an "archive" tab is created in the integrated interface displaying archive file structure details.
Individual archive file in a folder
Double click to see its full file structure in Archive tab

Font cataloging
Capable of creating thumbnail and saving properties for each font cataloged. Most popular font types supported: *.ttf, *.ttc, *.otf, *.fon, *.fnt, *.pfm, *.pfb. Sample text can be specified for thumbnail creation.

Font cataloging
Document properties views
Capable of retrieving summary information for document files in the PDF,HTML, TXT, INI, DIZ, EXE,DLL,SYS,VXD,RTF, and Microsoft Office Documents(DOC, MDB, XLS, PPT, etc) formats.

PDF file summary
Integrated friendly interface
Several tabs are available for displaying file data. Tabs are created at the time they are needed keeping the user interface uncluttered.
Tabs for File structure, audio albums, audio tags, thumbnails, compressed archives and covers are supported.
Comment for each cataloged file or folder
There is an in-place comment edit function provided for any cataloged file or folder. Select the file, click on the "Comment" column, a edit box will appear. You can add, modify or delete the comment assigned to the selected file. Press "Ctrl+Enter" to add a line break.

Add comments
No database engine needed. No specific configuration needed.
More than one catalog can be created. Catalogs are saved as normal files. You can copy, rename or delete catalogs as desired.
Super-fast search function for every item in the catalog and inside compressed archives.
Five paralleled sub processes work together to accelerate the progress. Able to search inside compressed archives.
Wildcard chars (? and *) can be used for defining the search criteria.
In addition, search ranges like file modified date or size can be specified.
An option is provided to search in the whole catalog or in a single category.
You can quickly "Locate" the found items by double clicking on it. The directory contents for the item will be displayed in the data tab viewer.
Or you can "Open" the found items if they exist on local computer.
Search dialog
Search result

Layout printing
The layout in the left pane or right pane can be printed out directly.
print interface
print preview

Unicode multilingual support
You can share a catalog with people no matter what the language is installed on their operating system.
Statistics for whole catalog or individual category
When the item selected in the left pane is a root catalog node or a category, the statistics (total categories, cd/dvds, audio tracks, prices) is calculated and displayed in the property pane.

Statistics for a catalog
Synchronization feature will enable the modified file structure to be re-cataloged. The new data will replace the current one.
Export and Import
The whole catalog or category can be exported to a new catalog or .xml or .csv file. Data can be imported into a catalog from another catalog file.
Importing and exporting of data allows you to customize catalogs to meet their specific needs.
You can assign an image to a catalog item as a cover at any time. The image can either from a local file or from integraged web service
MCataloguer developed a client interface from which you can search against, preview the results before you select a suitable cover art.
A zoom function is available for cover picture.

Leaf item cover
File type filter; Different settings for sub-directories; Controllable file structure depth when adding file structure into catalog.
You can specify what kinds of file you would like to add or not add to a catalog.
You can specify different settings for sub-directories when cataloging, such as excluding it from cataloging or not creating thumbnails while parent directory does allow thumbnails, and so on.
Controllable file structure depth allows you to efficiently keep information for those upper level sub-folders.
Adding data CD
Adding any folder

Embedded Open/Close device door function