Mediaware Task Manager ver.3.5.7313

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Mediaware Task Manager ver.3.5.7313

Mediaware Task Manager ver.3.5.7313 | 2,21 MB

Mediaware Task Manager 3.5 is a set of three helpful utilities that provide all the necessary means to monitor and control program execution and activity in a powerful yet simple way. Check out the following section to learn more about each of these tools!

Process Explorer
This component supplies the user with clear, detailed information about all applications and processes currently running on the system, including process descriptions, accurate information on the file version of a process' executable and on the modules loaded by it, cpu & memory performance data, and more. Thus, Process Explorer allows users to easily identify unwanted programs, which may be terminated or even blocked permanently in a next step.

Startup Explorer
Startup Explorer offers an excellent overview of the programs and services executed at Windows startup and lets you control which of them should be prevented from loading automatically. A special feature called "Startup Guard" will notify you whenever a program or service has registered itself for automatic startup. Hence, Startup Explorer can help reduce security risks and increase system performance significantly!

The third component of this application suite is a valuable tool for anyone who is interested in improving daily computer life. It enables fast hotkey access to an intelligently managed list of frequently used programs.