Memeo AutoSync v2.00.694

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Memeo AutoSync v2.00.694

Memeo AutoSync v2.00.694

Memeo AutoSync v2.00.694 | Win32 |Size: 10.86 MB

Memeo AutoSync lets you synchronize files between your computers, USB keychain drives, portable hard disks, and more. You will never have to worry about missing your latest files again. The entire sync process works automatically.

* AutoSync delivers a seamless way to ensure you always have your latest work, most current photos, and favorite music across all of your computers and storage devices.
* No more time consuming chores of copying files manually and worrying about not having your important files current and accessible.
* Simple Setup: After the simple 3-step AutoSync Configuration Wizard, all your files are automatically consolidated and synchronized.
* Flexible Sync Plans for Your Convenience: Create separate sync plans for work documents, photos, and music. Use a USB device or iPod to keep work files up to date between a home and work PC. Sync music files directly across your home LAN.
* Encryption To Safeguard Files: Encrypt your files when synchronizing to a USB flash drive or portable hard drive; extra protection in case your drive is lost or stolen.
* Effortless and Automatic: Memeo AutoSync works the way you work.




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