MemoriesOnTVPro v3.0.3 New version

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MemoriesOnTVPro v3.0.3 New version

MemoriesOnTVPro v3.0.3 - New version

MemoriesOnTV allows you to create a VideoCD or DVD with visual effects and music from your digital photos and video clips. It has true DVD authoring; the video you create can be burned onto CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, or DVD+R/RW using the built-in burner software and then played on a TV via a standard DVD player. You also can play the CD or DVD on a PC with a software DVD player installed. You can add text to your pictures, organize them into multiple albums (or subalbums), use pan and zoom functionality, and create a menu to navigate your albums. The original pictures or videos also can be stored on the same CD or DVD, so you can access them for printing at any time.

Fast Rendering New
The new rendering engine is a few times faster than version 2.X, which means that your slideshow will now be created in a much shorter time.
Ken Burns on Steroids New
The controls for Ken Burns Pan/Zoom effects have been vastly improved. You can now interpolate panning, zooming, rotation and opacity. On top of this, you can add multiple keyframes to your photo timeline, so that you can pan/zoom to different regions of your photos sequentially.
Multiple Pictures Slide New in Pro
You can layer multiple pictures on top of each other in a single slide. Each picture has an independent photo timeline that allows precise control over its pan/zoom/rotate/opacity. Independent multiple keyframing for each photo is supported.
Text Effects New
Text caption is now an independent layer that is overlayed onto your slideshow. Each text caption can have its own effects, and can be extended across different slides.
Multiple Pictures Effects New in Pro
Group similar photos together and let MemoriesOnTV do the hard work of auto-layering & choreographing them into a single slide. What's more, many of the pre-choreographed effects are customizable.
New Transition Effects New
Besides having new transition effects, MemoriesOnTV now applies random settings (such as direction) to your transition effects when you randomized the transition for your slideshow. This effectively gives you an infinite number of effects within your show, as each effect is set to a random variant. Bitmap mask effects are also added, which means that you can now create & add your own transition with just Photoshop.
Web Slideshow New in Pro
MemoriesOnTV Pro can now export your slideshow to flash. Flash is supported by about 96% of web browsers on both PC and Macs, which means that your slideshow will be able to reach a wide audience. No end-user installation required. It just plays!
Expanded Audio Capabilities New
With the new built-in Audio Editor, you can easily select a sub-section of an audio file you want to use for your slideshow. Other features include easy synchronization of group of pictures with audio, layering narration on top of the background music, as well as auto-trimming of silence from music files.
Archive your project New in Pro
You can now archive your project together with all the referenced photo/music files into one ZIP file. This ZIP file can then be copied to another computer. Simply unzip the archive on the new computer and you can continue to edit your project there.
Enhanced Video Clip support New
Imported video clips are now treated like any other photo. You can pan/zoom or apply transition effects on your video clips. On top of this, Mpeg2 decoding is now built-in, which means that you'll be able to import Mpeg2 files even if your DirectShow codecs aren't set up correctly.
Slideshow in Slideshow New in Pro
MemoriesOnTV PRO allows you to combine consecutive slides into a single video clip. You can use this feature to layer multiple video clips together in a multiple pictures slide, resulting in a slideshow playing within another slideshow. Add independent Ken Burns to each, and you'll create some very interesting visuals.
Revamped Disc Menu New
The slideshow Disc Menu panel has been re-designed. In particular, you can now have a 1 or 2 level menu navigation. The Play All button has been added, and all customizations (including layout) can be independently applied to each menu page.
DVD Subtitle New in Pro
Besides text caption, you can also add DVD subtitles to your slideshow. DVD subtitles work like they work in ordinary Hollywood DVD's. They can be turned on/off by your users with their DVD remote control. Great for adding each photo's date/time or filename to your show.
New burning driver New
We've upgraded the burning driver to a much better one that can support most of the drives in the market. In particular, DVD-R DL & DVD+R DL are both now supported by the new driver.
Export to AVI New in Pro
The PRO edition allows you to export your slideshow to AVI format, using whatever video codecs you have installed in your PC. If you have DivX or Xvid codecs installed, you will be able to export to formats playable on some DivX/Xvid DVD players, as well as devices like Creative's Zen Vision.
Custom Watermark New in Pro
Add your own branding to the slideshows you sell. Your watermark will be overlayed throughout the whole slideshow.