MicroOLAP DBA Central Manager For MySQL ver.

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MicroOLAP DBA Central Manager For MySQL ver.

MicroOLAP DBA Central Manager For MySQL ver.
Win32 | 10,25 Mb
Manage MySQL databases, edit table data, create simple PHP pages

DBACentral Manager is a utility for managing MySQL databases. Basing on DBACentral Standard it provides quite similar functionality, but has several important diffirences: it's been simplified comparing to the standard version and has a smaller price. You don't have any profiles stored in files. Now all database connections that you set up are available in a simple database tree.

Several features of the standard edition are not available in DBACentral Manager. You don't have a possiblity to design GUI forms, stored queries, web pages or reports, as in standard edition. Still you can work with table data using auto-generated form view and you can create a PHP/HTML web page for a table within a wizard.

Inside DBACentral Manager:
DBACentral Manager also provides an important extension to the standard DBACentral feature list - the new object view mode. Now you can view all table columns and indexes in the main database window without opening the table designer. This view mode also allows you to add, edit, and delete columns and indexes.

All principal features of DBACentral, which concern database administration, are available in DBACentral Manager as well. You can design tables, views, functions, and procedures, manager users, monitor server activity, backup and restore databases, execute SQL scripts and so on.

How to choose between DBACentral Manager and DBACentral Standard? If you want to use all unique features of DBACentral, including GUI forms, run-time applications, web page designer, etc. - you certainly need the standard edition of DBACentral. If all you need is create and maintain MySQL databases, tables, users, then you can use a simpler and less expensive program - DBACentral Manager for MySQL.



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