Micro-Sys TimeSage v1.4.1

Posted By: Alexpal
Micro-Sys TimeSage v1.4.1

Micro-Sys TimeSage v1.4.1 | 1,72 Mb

TimeSage is a time sheet and time tracking tool. Track and record time worked on projects.
It aims to make project and time sheet creation, usage and management as free-style and time tracking capable as possible. You can e.g. start and stop time tracking from the systray menu.
Builtin time collision detection is useful when, instead of using the "Start" and "Stop" time tracking functions, doing manual editing of a time sheet. In general intelligent time sheet tracking behavior: e.g. automatic handling of "time entry crosses midnight / spans multiple days". Salary options allow for many configurations including breaktime, worktime and overtime. Systray menu and configurable hotkey support: Hotkey can open/close program window or systray menu. Import and export from various formats including CSV files (semicolon and comma separated values).

Features and benefits:
Time sheets can handle time tracking across midnight / multiple days
Time sheets can detect and signal overlapping time entries
Time entries in a time sheet can be re-ordered and merged
Rich options for import and export of time sheets in CSV, XML and HTML
Post edit and fill time sheets while having builtin time validation
View time tracking graphs and statistics
Access start and stop clock time tracking functions from systray
Open program / systray menu using a configurable hotkey
Create multiple project profiles for same project
Each user can have own project profile in multi-user environments
Create new projects and time tracking sheets using your conventions
Have salary calculations done automatically with easy "work time frames" configuration

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