Mind Boggling Fractals

Posted By: peapod
Mind Boggling Fractals

This is a collectible; this fractal making software is no longer available, as the company no longer sells it anywhere.

This is retail software, no patch is needed–-a serial is provided.

RAR download, unpassworded, 55 megs.

Whether you're an experienced fractal artist, a fledgling fractal artist or just someone with no particular art skills who loves to play around making beautiful images, this software is a lot of fun to play with. Very easy interface, not that big of a learning curve, this is a great introduction to making fractals without needing to know the alghorithms or technical stuff so many other fractal programs require.

With the program, you get a nice-sized selection of pre-made fractal images in .png format to inspire you, or you can use them as wallpaper.

Let your imagination go wild and make beautiful, vibrant images with just a click of a button.