MindMapper 5.0 Professional Build 6062

Posted By: k0dy
MindMapper 5.0 Professional Build 6062

MindMapper 5.0 Professional Build 6062
OS: Win32 | 34.1 Mb | RS.com
Release Date: 11/28/2006

Changes in this version:


* Fixed multiple nodes combining into single node when exporting to Microsoft Word with map containing hyperlinks
* Fixed extra branch appearing when inserting multiple topics using CTRL-SPACE
* Fixed vertical scrollbars disappearing in note window when you come back to note window after clicking on other part of map
* Fixed serveral appearance issues in Branch Properties window
* Fixed allowing fixing branch properties by selecting the top node
* Fixed relationship lines changing to a straight line after using SHIFT-ENTER to separate the relation line, saving, and loading again
* Fixed contents of notes windows disappearing after opening a new map
* Fixed not being able to insert multiple branches in a floating topic when making multiple maps
* Fixed program crashing when clicking branch with OLE object
* Fixed bug to not allow moving of tied first level branches
* Fixed multiple issues with tieing nodes

MindMapper 5.0 Professional Build 6062


* Allow undo in last line of Note window
* Allow selecting multiple branches to set bulk properties
* Increased file I/O performance and overall map performance
* Fixed memory insufficiency error in Clip Organizer

MindMapper 5.0 Professional Build 6062

(34.1 Mb)
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