MixMeister Pro v6.1.3.0

Posted By: Alexpal

Как утверждают разработчики, если кто-то хочет стать продвинутым DJем, создавая собственные микс-сеты, то ему просто необходимо установить MixMeister Pro 6, и все танцполы мира будут у его ног. :)
Программа представляет собой музыкальный редактор профессионального уровня, предназначенный для сведения семплов. Позволяет микшировать звук, смешивать ритмы, управлять скоростью воспроизведения звука, задавать переходы в режиме реального времени. Интерфейс программы весьма прост и удобен.
Сам я со звуком не работаю, поэтому личных впечатлений по поводу этой программы у меня нет. :) Но отзывы о ней от понимающих в этом людей слышал исключительно добрые.

MixMeister Pro 6 is the ultimate audio and video mixing system for live DJ performances. Pro lets you create spectacular music mixes with an array of innovative features, including key changing, plug-in special effects, and advanced beat mixing controls.
Focus on the crowd. MixMeister's unique pre-mixing capabilities allow you to prepare songs for mixing in advance if you desire, shaping song intros, outros, and other edits exactly the way you want them. This allows you to devote more of your attention to the audience during live sets, and assemble creative mixes on the fly in response to the mood of the moment.

Offer a complete show. You can also mix full-motion, beat-matched videos right alongside your audio mix, and perform integrated audio/video shows without the complexity of dedicated VJ gear. Pro 6's video montage builder can automatically create video mixes in sync with the beat, or you can manually specify video sequences and transitions.

Go far beyond conventional gear. MixMeister Pro's performance mode is designed for maximum reliability, and lets you preview any part of the upstream mix, not just the cue point for the next song. If there's a mistake anywhere in your set, you can hear it in 'phones before the audience does, and adjust as necessary. You also get powerful music management, song selection and reporting capabilities. MixMeister Pro frees you from repetitive cuing tasks and allows you to focus on the creative aspects of your performance instead.

See an easy-to-use visual display of your beat mix.
Play a live mix while you preview and edit any upcoming track.
Display full-motion video mixes on a primary or secondary monitor.
Use third-party audio effects to process part of a track or the entire mix.
Use integrated CD burning to record a mix in minutes.
Change the key of a song without changing tempo.
Get intelligent song suggestions for compatible mixing.
Enable one-click beat matching, or apply manual beat adjustments.

Supported File Types
Audio: MP3, WAV, WMA
Playlists: MMP, M3U
Minimum System Requirements (for audio-only use)

Внимание! | Attention!
Minimum System Requirements (for audio-only use)
Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 600 MHz or higher
256 MB RAM
Windows XP
Sound card (second sound card or ASIO-compliant multi-channel sound card required for live monitoring)

Minimum System Requirements (for audio/video use)
Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 1.5 GHz or higher
512 MB RAM
Windows XP

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40,4 Mb.