Mobile Net Switch 3.49

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Mobile Net Switch 3.49

Mobile Net Switch 3.49

Mobile Net Switch 3.49 | 3.3 MB

RH Computing Mobile Net Switch v.3.49 - предназначен для всех тех пользователей кто вынужден постоянно работать с ноутбуком дома, на работе, в офисах заказчиков и.т.д… Он позволяет сохранять в профайле все настройки разных сетей, пути сетевых устройств (принтеров, NAS, факсов, расшареных папок), настройки Dial-Up и VPN соединений и многое другое…
    RH Computing Mobile Net Switch 3.49 - is a network switch utility, also called a netswitcher or multinetwork manager and enables you to create multiple network profiles.
  • The program has been designed to allow you to switch between several network profiles instantly, without needing to restart your computer. It also incorporates a professional yet easy to use interface and even allows you to enable none-admin users to configure network settings without technical knowledge.
  • The powerful easy to use interface allows you to configure your computer for every network you will be connecting to (Workgroup or Domain). It's the perfect solution for everyone with a mobile computer who is using it on more then one network (e.g. when you are using your machine on multiple locations, offices or at home).
  • Each location is stored in a profile. Simply select a profile and your drives will be mapped correctly, the correct default printer will be selected, IP Addresses will be set correctly, the correct Proxy Server will be configured, and much more. You will be able to use your machine on any network with ease!
  • A (network) profile can be created for each location. With the click of a button the following settings can be modified instantly: IP Addressing (IP Address, Subnet mask, WINS, DNS, Default Gateway), Proxy Server settings, Drive mappings, Internet Connection Firewall/Windows Firewall, ISA Server Firewall client 2000 and ISA Server Firewall client 2004, DNS Suffix, NetBIOS over TCP/IP, Internet Explorer Start Page, Dialup and VPN connection, Dialing rules, Default Printer, Mapi (Outlook) Profile, Time Zone, Outgoing SMTP mail server, Hosts file content, Sound volume, Sound mute, Wallpaper, Display Resolution, Numlock state and more.
    What's New In Version 3.49:
    - Firefox 2 compatibility added.