Modem Booster 5 Full Licensed

Posted By: arin

Modem Booster is for everyone who wants a faster connection to the internet. NO experience necessary. Anyone can tune up their Modem by using Auto Tune to analyze their system. Auto Tune will automatically optimize your PC for the best internet connection settings once you run the diagnostics. Modem Booster is makes it easy for everyone to speed up their internet connection. Tuning up your internet settings is as simple as a click of the mouse! Modem Booster checks your system and existing configuration, then based on your system, changes your internet settings and tunes it up for faster connection speeds.

Modem Booster lets experienced users manually adjust their internet settings, including your MTU, TTL, RWIN and other settings easily from the Manual Tune screen.

To see these parameters copy&paste:

OS required-- Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
File size : 3.3MB

Install note: download the executable file and run it.