MojoWorld 3 Professional

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MojoWorld 3 Professional

MojoWorld 3 Professional | 99 Mb

Look up, look down, look all around you – only MojoWorld 3 puts you on a complete planet with perfect detail everywhere you go. It's just like being there! There's never been anything like this before: MojoWorld is literally a window on a parallel universe full of planets as real as planet Earth.

The revolutionary MojoWorld 3 product line turns you loose in these incredible worlds to create, sculpt, and populate them to realize your personal vision, in infinite detail. MojoWorld's amazing procedural fractal engine creates pixel-level detail at any resolution, distance, or field of view, for realism the likes of which you've never seen before—except in reality!

3D artists, graphic designers, game developers, animators, and video professionals alike will discover the perfect combination of ease of use and power for all your terrain- and world-building needs.

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