A1Monitor v6.4.1

Posted By: quil__23

A1Monitor Network Monitoring & Server Monitor Software 2005.

Key Features:

A1Monitor Publishes HTML response time, up and down reports which you can have written directly

to your web server. See a live report!
Monitor multiple URLs (http or https)
Send URL parms to web server side scripts (i.e. "")
Monitor any TCP port (ftp, pop3, smtp, telnet etc.)
Send client / server request responses to logon and send commands to any TCP/IP server.
Ping any IP address
Notify you by email if any of your monitored servers or URLs can't be reached (or returns an unexpected response) a number of times in a row.
Reboot your server and/or run a batch file or executable when server failures occur.
Very reasonable price (hundreds less than competition).

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